Beyond Static melds the progressive rock sound and ambient electronic space music; with free flowing beats and downtempo chillout. The group is Chris Snider, Tim Snider and Robert Grashuis from Atlanta Georgia. All three have spent time professionally working in broadcast television or movies, and are heavily influenced by visual imagery and soundtracks.

The group has been collaborating on their sound for more than a dozen years, initially composing electronic music by combining traditional recording techniques with computer technology. Early efforts resulted in an Internet radio station called “Crisis of Control”

and was put together when the Internet was just emerging – before free Internet radio stations were taxed by the music establishment, which essentially shut down that mode of music expression.

The band has taken advantage of the rapid advances in music gear to outfit their studio with the latest gadgets. The most recent album – “Other World Views” is available as an MP3 or CD.

Chris Snider Chris Snider is the visual artist behind the music videos, album and website artwork. He plays keyboards. His background is in product design and includes creating interactive television applications and online marketing solutions.

Tim Snider Tim Snider is a versatile musician proficient at creating ambient sounds with his guitar. He spent a decade at CNN working in post production and recording audio in the field, he also spent time overseeing the music selections for HLN. Working with in the news business has influenced his approach to sound design.

Robert Grashuis Robert Grashuis is a pianist and keyboardist with a tremendous knowledge of synthesizers. He has scored a number of soundtracks for CD-ROM, corporate video, television commercials, and to the independent film, Storm Clouds.