Thomas Nast, Political Cartoonist (Friends Fund Publication)

If it really is real that the pen is mightier than the sword and that one photograph is worthy 1000 phrases, Thomas Nast needs to definitely rank as essentially the most influential personalities in nineteenth-century American background. His pen, dipped in satire, aroused an apathetic, disinterested, and uninformed public to indignation and motion greater than as soon as. the main awesome Nast crusade, and doubtless the only top recorded this day, was once directed opposed to ny City’s Tammany corridor and its boss, William Marcy Tweed. Boss Tweed and his ring so feared the ability of Nast and his drawings that they as soon as provided him a bribe of $500,000.

Six presidents of the U.S. acquired and gratefully authorized Nast’s aid in the course of their candidacies and administrations. of those, Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses provide, credited Nast with greater than mere aid. through the Civil struggle, Lincoln known as Nast his “best recruiting sergeant,” and after the battle supply, then a basic, wrote that Nast had performed as “much as anyone guy to maintain the Union and convey the warfare to an end.” all through his profession the cartoonist remained an ardent champion of furnish who, after his election in 1868, attributed his victory to “the sword of Sheridan and the pencil of Thomas Nast.”

Nast’s paintings remains to be universal at the present time. It used to be Nast who popularized the trendy recommendations of Santa Claus and Uncle Sam and who created such symbols because the Democratic donkey, the Republican elephant, and the Tammany tiger.

With greater than one hundred fifty examples of Nast’s paintings, Thomas Nast: Political Cartoonist recreates the existence and development of creative improvement of the fellow who made the political caricature a revered and strong journalistic form.

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